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Our Mission

To preserve the history, the stories, and the legacy of Indiana’s music scene.  To integrate the international story of rock’s rise with the Indiana story – the concerts, Indiana’s superstars and legends, local bands and artists, radio stations and personalities, the venues, the people behind the scenes, the fans, the other participants, and their (and your) contributions to Indiana’s rock journey.

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The importance of Indiana's Rock History

Everyone loves and enjoys music, and for each of us growing up in Indiana, music and live music experience have had a significant impact at particular moments in time.  This magic, the power of music, has touched us all. Many of us are deeply passionate about our music and how it relates to our lives in Indiana.  This platform allows you to share the stories of your connections to the local music scene and how it touched your life, and be a part of that history. This is an important part of Indiana’s history that will be preserved. 

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Indiana's Rock & Roll History

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Learn - Interact - Contribute

Learn, interact, comment, and share. Become a “Friend” and contribute information, stories, photos, videos and more. Bring back the memories, reminisce, and remind us of the amazing moments in Indiana’s rock history. Explore and have a bit of fun. This website platform will be ever-changing as we collect, share, and post new content.

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