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July 4, 1977
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 19,000, Gross Receipts: $132,580
Aerosmith: Guarantee Payment: $25,000, Percentage Payment: $Unknown, Total Payment: $Unknown
Nazareth: Fee: $

Ticket courtesy of Scott Collier

Ad courtesy of John W. Hill

Ad courtesy of Metal Nexus / Don Edwards

This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Rick A

    The fireworks!!!! Glad to get out uninjured. It had all the makings for a mass casualty event, luckily nothing happened, what a great time we had, go figure

  2. Pete Jenkins

    It was wild! As a kid I thought I was invincible but I remember thinking we were all gonna die. I forgot about Nazereth….

  3. Steve G

    First concert ever. What a scene. People were breaking ceiling tiles in the space between the sets of doors once you entered. It was scorching hot. Me and two buddies (all of us were 14-15) went and that was our indoctrination to weed too! LOL. It was mass chaos. People throwing bricks of firecrackers from way up in the seats down to where the crowd was standing (festival seating). And of course, the concert was way oversold…hence 19K in attendance. Also, I seem to recall a band named Mothers Finest do a short set before Nazareth. They had a black female singer. Ring any bells? Anyway it was awesome and I have the same ticket stub.

  4. Dave

    A couple songs from that show are on their ‘Live Bootleg’ album. Starting with ‘Back in the Saddle.’ Tyler says ‘Happy Birthday America!’ or something like that at the end of the song. Great way to start a show

  5. Doug

    I was 16 years old and this was my first concert. I remember that there was a third band but I can’t remember the name. (Those brain cells flaked off a long time ago!) It was an absolute wild scene, fireworks going off everywhere, and people where just getting loaded! I saw several just drop where they stood! All in all, it made for a hell of a induction into Rock!!!!

  6. Anthony

    Nobody remembers Aerosmith walking off the stage?

  7. Stephanie mitchell

    I was at this concert real close to the band. When all those fireworks went off it was nuts. I couldn’t believe it. Steven Tyler was mad. Something was burning on stage with their equipment. I remember he made an announcement and they all left the stage for a good bit of time, but they did come back on. And their music was great. I love Aerosmith and I heard they loved playing concerts in Indy. They were here a lot. Seems like golden earring played with them alot. Rock on!!!!

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