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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Alice Cooper

Ace Frehley / Faster Pussycat


November 6, 1987
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 3,983, Gross Receipts: $61,142
Alice Cooper: Guaranteed Fee: $15,000
Ace Frehley: Fee NA
Faster Pussycat: Fee NA

Ticket courtesy of Jon Nolen

Ad Courtesy of: Doug Bauerie

Pass Courtesy of: Steve Sybesma

This Alice Cooper show was awesome !!! It was the first time for me seeing Alice .I sadly missed him in the 70’s but I was excited about this show !!!! Alice had Kane Roberts on lead guitar and if I’m not mistaken Kip Winger was on bass !!! I wasn’t familiar with the rest of his band but Alice put on a great show as always !!! To open the show was a band called Faster Pussycat . I had never heard of them before or after that show but they were ok !! But the next band , I was really excited to see !!! It was Frehley’s Comet !!! Ace was in top form !!! He was very polite and professional and Jammed from one tune to the next and what I remember most about Ace’s set was that Billy Ward was on drums and they did a smokin version of Cold Gin !!!! It was a A + no nonsense Rock & Roll show !!!! I am glad I went to See Alice Cooper !!!!!!! – David Cirillo


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  1. jimmy williams

    Faster Pussycat opened having just released their debut album. Did a killer version of Honky Tonk Women. Ace was in great form and the master of ceremonies Mr. Cooper was spectacular

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