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Bachman Turner Overdrive

Aerosmith / Bob Seger / Stone Henge


September 15, 1974
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Indianapolis Convention Center


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 13,500, Gross Receipts: $74,430
Bachman Turner Overdrive: Guarantee Payment: $12,500, Percentage Payment: $19,014.84, Total Payment: $31,514.84
Aerosmith: Fee: $5,000
Bob Seger: Fee $750

Ticket courtesy of Mike Berry

Courtesy of Steve Sybesma

Indianapolis Star ad courtesy of John W. Hill

Poster courtesy of John Rabold

Article courtesy of Christopher

Article courtesy of Christopher

Thank You ad published in Pollstar Magazine in 1974 by Sunshine Promotions

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Rich Guignard

    We all went to see BTO….didn’t know but a few songs from Aerosmith and didn’t know Bob Seger at all. And then Bob Seger played songs that came out a few years later on Live Bullet! Aerosmith kicked ass…..BTO was great but I think they got upstaged that night. Bottom line this was one of the best concerts I ever saw from top to bottom!

  2. Christopher

    When I found the “letter to the editor” that Steve posted above, I couldn’t help but notice that the disgusting situations the nice lady observed were the very same things that made this one of the best nights of my young life. I was 15 years old, and this was my first concert. I have “some” very clear recollections of what happened that night, but most of it is a jumbled mess of hazy memories. It was the 70s, and we were under the influence of, well, everything. Heading into the Convention Center I was a bit nervous. There were way too many authority types for my liking, some with dogs that were going crazy due to a distinct odor, I presume. Once we made it down that long, bright, scary hallway to the venue proper, I entered a perfect world were almost anything was allowed and not a single cop in sight, just the Bear Force and they were cool with everything we were doing. People were boldly announcing what party favors they had for sale with no fear of arrest, and we indulged to our hearts content. BTO was good and Bob Seger was great as he always was and is, but Aerosmith made the show. They were young and hungry and had just released “Get Your Wings” (their best album in my opinion). I learned that night if you are nearly unconscious and say “excuse me” enough, people will get out of your way and you can make it to the front with little or no problem. When the fog started to roll across the stage and the opening notes of “Dream On” filled the hall, it was like a religious experience and I wasn’t even religious. It was a great night and a great show. Just wish I could remember more of it.

  3. DJ Cleaver

    I saw this concert as a youngster. My parents drove us to the concert. Amazing, and now look at Aerosmith and Bob Seger. I’ve gone to see Aerosmith since then and they rock it as the headline band.

  4. Browndog

    Like Christopher, I was 15 and this was my first concert in Indy. Didn’t know anything about Bob Seger but recognized the Katmandu song. He was so much better live than on his albums at that point, and when he released Live Bullet a couple of years later, everyone knew just how great. Aerosmith absolutely blew the place away – from Dream On to Train Kept a Rollin’. Still one of the best bands I’ve ever seen. BTO was ok, but after the first 2 bands they were kind of a let down. All this for a $5.50 ticket and a $15 ounce of weed. The seventies were the best!

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