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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Beach Boys

Electric Prunes / Left Banke / Keith / Villans / Crescents / Nomads / Road Runners


February 16, 1967
Concert Tags:


Roberts Municipal Stadium


Evansville, United States

Promoter: Quad Productions

Ticket courtesy of Jim Claybourn

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  1. Jim Claybourn

    Warm up acts:
    Road Runners
    Left Banke
    Electric Prunes

    1. Bill Gerling

      Did you attend this show? I remember it snowed and kept the attendance down from what was expected.
      Bill Gerling, Lead Singer, Guitar with The Crescents

      1. WC

        Mr Gerling – What memory(s) or specific story from that night has stuck with you over 50yrs later? Over the years, I recall my father mentioning that night with The Beach Boys. He was a Road Runner. What a night it must have been for all the local groups that opened for the BB’s.

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