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There are currently more than 6,500 Indiana concerts listed in chronological order beginning in 1955. The listing may never include every event, however with your input as we continuously update, we will achieve a comprehensive list of Indiana's major concerts and events .

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Black Crowes

God Street Wine


October 8, 1996
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Murat Theatre


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 2,166, Gross Receipts: $51,984
Black Crowes: Guaranteed Fee: $25,000
God Street Wine: Fee NA

Ok Folks , we all have heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t believe everything you read in Rolling Stone or believe what you hear a D J say on the radio !!! Well , I did exactly that !! I bought into the hype about Chris Robinson being a rowdy troublemaker so I kind of pegged him as another Axel Rose causing trouble at shows !! But boy was I in for a rude awakening !!! I really liked the Black Crows so when it came time to go to the show I anticipated a rowdy frontman talking smack to the audience !!!! But when the lights went down and the Black Crows hit the stage promoting their Three Snakes One Charm album they were a no nonsense gritty Rock & Roll band !!!! One song went by then another , then another and about five songs in Chris Robinson says to the audience , how ya doin and thanks for comin !!! WOW !!! Was I wrong about him !!! I learned a lesson that night !!! The Black Crows were all business !!!! They absolutely killed it !!! I had newfound respect for the band after the show !!! My favorite Black Crows tunes are Hotel Illness which they didn’t play and Good Friday which they did play that night and my other favorite they played was Thorn In My Pride !!!! It was a very classy show indeed !!! Bands like the Black Crows are a dying breed , not to many are around these days !!!! But this Black Crows show sure left a great long lasting impression on me !!! I am glad I went to the show !!!!!!! – David Cirillo

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