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Photo by Antoine Julien

There are currently more than 6,500 Indiana concerts listed in chronological order beginning in 1955. The listing may never include every event, however with your input as we continuously update, we will achieve a comprehensive list of Indiana's major concerts and events .

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Black Sabbath

Blue Oyster Cult / Shakin Street


October 8, 1980
Concert Tags:


Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: , Gross Receipts: $
Black Sabbath: Guaranteed Fee: $10,000
Blue Oyster Cult: Fee NA
Shakin Street: Fee NA

Ticket courtesy of Christopher Stokes

Ad courtesy of Doug Bauerle

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. jimmy williams

    The Black and Blue 1980 tour. I was there. Sabbath performed first and it was about 1 in the morning before the show was over. Had to take my cousin back to Connersville so it was like 3 in the morning when we got home. My mom was pissed and made me and my brother get up and go to school. I’m sure wearing my Godzilla vs. Satan t shirt and reeking of pot I made quite the impression on my 8th grade classmates.

  2. Michael price

    The only thing I can remember was we were doing acid and the light show was awesome

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