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Deep Purple

Elecric Light Orchestra / Elf


December 2, 1974
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions and Electric Factory Concerts (Philadelphia)
Attendance: 12,351, Gross Receipts: $70,211.50
Deep Purple: Guaranteed Fee: $20,000, Percentage Payment: $2,764, Total Payment: $22,764
Electric Light Orchestra: Fee NA
Elf: Fee NA

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  1. Michael price

    I was there

  2. Calvin

    I was there, too, and I remember ELO kinda upstaged Deep Purple…

  3. Rick

    I was there as well with 3 car loads of friends. It being our first concert all of us. I believe it to be RJD’s first Indianapolis appearance. That being said I do not remember Elf being either bad or good in concert. I was able to catch RJD many times after that between Sabbath and Dio and every show was remarkable. What a set of pipes. ELO was very well received that night on the Eldorado tour. There set was like a headliner’s set with cello & violin solo’s included and an encore of Roll over Beethoven played to showcase ELO’S large band. This was my one and only time to see ELO and I remember it well and being well received. This was the last show on the Stormbringer tour for Deep Purple MKIII I do believe. It was an excellent set that we as group of 14 to 20 teenagers have never forgot and still bring it up to this day as what a first show. Coverdale and Hughes were both excellent that night as was the big 3 Paice,Lord & Blackmore. He today is still in my top 5 of live guitarist if not number 1 and I have pretty much seen them all. Burn opened the show and HIghway Star closed it. They only played 9 songs but Space Truckin and Highway Star were pushed to the boundaries with each musician stretching out. Smoke was fabulous with the purple smoke coming from below them just like it looks on the cover of Made in Europe album. I’ve never forgot what they looked and sounded like on stage that night even after seeing them 7 times. This was the only time I seen MKIII. I have seen close to 500 shows in my life and I’ve never forgotten this show and how it started me down the path of live music.

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