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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Electric Light Orchestra

Daryl Hall & John Oates


November 7, 1981
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I.U. Assembly Hall


Bloomington, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: , Gross Receipts: $
Electric Light Orchestra: Guaranteed Fee: $, Percentage Payment: $, Total Payment: $
Daryl Hall & John Oates: Fee $6,000

Ticket courtesy of David Cirillo

Pass courtesy of Mike Deckert

Courtesy of Doug Dashiell

Review article courtesy of Steve Nierman

Well Folks , this E L O show was great , It took place after an IU Football Team victory!!! It was a Saturday and the campus was buzzing!! Parties going on everywhere so when it was time for the show the atmosphere was electric!!! What I am about to say is no exaggeration. From the time we walked in the Assembly Hall the audience was the most jubilant I have ever seen and I have seen a few!!! So to open the show was Hall and Oates!!! T Bone was on bass too and they were awesome!!! The hits kept on coming!!!! And from the time Hall and Oates came on until they finished their set, the entire audience never sat down and sang every word to every song!!! Daryl Hall was freaking out on the audience!!! It was non stop crazy. Then when E L O hit the stage I quickly noticed the Cello player was not there. I was a little disappointed but I soon got over it and Jeff Lynn and the boys killed it!! But it got even more intense because the same thing happened with the audience during E L O ‘s entire set. The audience never sat down and sang every word to every song!!!! I have never seen that before nor have I seen it since with that intensity!! And apparently Jeff Lynn didn’t either!!! He was freaking out too, even more than Daryl Hall did!!!! Jeff Lynn even said we were the best audience on the whole North American tour!!!! So to say the least I didn’t want the show to end!! Both bands were on fire!!! And I am quite sure that the audience’s participation helped fuel that fire!!!! I am sure glad we made the trip down to IU to see the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – David Cirillo


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  1. Mike Deckert

    Hall & Oates stole the show at this one! As luck would have it, “Private Eyes was #1 on the Billboard charts the week of this show! I enjoyed helping as a runner for this show by being on the Union Board concerts committee.

  2. Brad Cook

    Can someone put me in contact with Doug Dashiell? Brad Cook, Indiana University Archives, Bloomington.

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