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Photo by Antoine Julien

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February 1, 1984
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Ticket courtesy of Dan Hapner

Ticket courtesy of Jeff Page

Photo courtesy of Jeff Page

Photo courtesy of Jeff Page

Photo courtesy of Jeff Page

Photo courtesy of Jeff Page

Courtesy of Jeffrey Smith

Flyer courtesy of Jeffrey Smith

Zach Dunkin review courtesy of Jeffrey Smith

My first Genesis concert was on Feb. 1, 1984 at MSA, on the band’s “Mama” tour. I was pretty excited to see their lighting/stage production (as the attached flyer explains and ad highlights) and remember being pretty darn impressed with the band’s performance. I could usually tell if my impression of the show was on track once I saw Zack Duncan’s Rock Pile review in the Star the next day (also attached)… he gave it 5 Stars while calling it “flawless” and “brilliant.” – Jeffrey Smith

SETLIST 2/1/84 from Market Square Arena: Dodo/Lurker; Abacab; That’s All; Mama; Old Medley: Eleventh Earl of Mar, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Firth of Fifth, The Musical Box; Illegal Alien; Home by the Sea; Second Home by the Sea; Keep It Dark; It’s Gonna Get Better; Follow You Follow Me; Cage Medley: In the Cage, The Cinema Show, …In That Quiet Earth, The Colony of Slippermen, Afterglow; Drum Duet; Los Endos. Encore: Misunderstanding, Turn It On Again. – Jeffrey Smith

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