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Indianapolis Raceway Festival

Chuck Berry / Fleetwood Mac / It's A Beautiful Day / The Siegel Schwall Band / Argent / McKendree Spring / Flash / Pure Food & Drug Act with Harvey Mandel & Sugarcane Harris / Danny O'Keefe / Foghat / Limousine


September 9, 1972
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Bush Stadium


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions (Dave Lucas and Joe Halderman) and Karma Records

This show was originally scheduled at Indianapolis Raceway Park.  Then it was moved to Bush Stadium because of a last minute injunction on the show at Raceway Park.

Ticket courtesy of Dave Campton

Ticket courtesy of Tom Casey

Flyer courtesy of Tom Casey

Ad courtesy of John W. Hill

Poster courtesy of Christopher Lucas

Flyer courtesy of Chris Hilt

Star article courtesy of John W. Hill

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Steve Sybesma

    Dave Lucas just told me the story about the switch from Indianapolis Raceway Park so I’m going to record it here. The show was co-produced by Sunshine Promotions and Karma Records, Marc Freije and his father George. There was a last minute injunction preventing the show at Raceway Park, and they scrambled to find another venue. They contacted Bush Stadium, and then manager Max Schumacher agreed to allow the show at Bush Stadium. The kicker was, he wanted $25,000 for the rental in CASH in advance of the show. That was a huge fee in 1972 and it was the Saturday before a Sunday show. They didn’t know how they were going to get the last minute cash. Then George and Marc offered to round up the cash from all of the Karma stores. They had a bunch of stores so they went around to every store and took the cash from all the stores to make it happen. Otherwise it would have never happened. The festival was saved at the last minute.

  2. Ricky Keifer

    My best friend and I were there, got stoned out of our minds. My classmate, Jim Cochran, was the bass player for Chuck Berry and also was employed at Kharma records.

  3. bill

    Fleetwood Mac did not show for this event. I don’t know why. Everyone was saying “they got busted.” That was never, to my knowledge, verified. Flash was the closer, as I recall it.

  4. rex miller

    eight bucks DOS? outrageous! LOL!

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