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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Jimi Hendrix Experience

Chicago Transit Authority


May 11, 1969
Concert Tags:


Indiana Fairgrounds Coliseum


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Concerts West

Ticket courtesy of David Crafton

Ticket courtesy of Nancy Kasnak Lee

Ticket courtesy of Scott Frazier

Ad courtesy of Dave Scott

Photo of Jimi Hendrix taken by Nancy Kasnak Lee

IATSE #30 stagehand bill courtesy of Andy Jones

IATSE #30 stagehand bill courtesy of Andy Jones

This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Dave Watson

    Having worked for Karma Records (1980-1991) I was given by my photographer friend 7 pictures from this show. He found the negatives from a file from the former Indianapolis News. He said it took him over 3 days to clean up the negatives to print. These photo’s have long been a treasure for me!

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Dave, Please share the photos to add to the history. Thanks.

  2. Mike

    I was there, it was Mother’s Day. Jimi said ” Since it’s Mother’s Day, if any of you ladies wanna be mothers, come see me at my hotel!”
    Very risqué for the time period!
    Chicago Transit Authority (later “Chicago’) was the opening act.
    Jimi was very annoyed at the number of cameras flashing while he was playing, and at one point he asked the audience to “Cool it with the cameras.”

  3. Ricky Keifer

    My very first concert! I was in awe of Jimi. I was just 16 at the time.

    1. Dan Ax

      i was 20. unforgettable experience. i have been fortunate to see EC (with Cream) and JP (with Yardbirds) and never anyone better. blessed.

  4. Donnie

    I was there 15 years old. Pretty stoned. Chicago transit Authority was awesome and I’ve never heard of them before. Jimmy came out he was pretty stoned himself and got pissed at all the flash cameras going off. He walked off stage early without completely finishing his show. Then Chicago transit authority came back out and played some more. It was quite an experience for a 15 year old kid.

  5. Jill Alcorn

    Can anyone tell me the exact date Jimi Hendrix played a small teen club in Muncie/Yorktown IN – I believe in 67 or 68? Thnx.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Hi Jill, He played the fairgrounds on 3/27/68. It’s on this website. You can look it up. Lots of info there. Not sure about a teen club performance around the same time. Maybe this is what you’re thinking about.

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