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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Johnny Winter / Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Humble Pie / (2 shows: 7:00pm & 10:00pm


May 21, 1971
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Wabash College Gym



Promoter: Chris Hilt, Steve Brown, Bob Phillips, and Frank Weiland

Ticket courtesy of Chris Hilt

Ad courtesy of Doug Dashiell

Courtesy of Amy England


This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Jim Claybourn

    Wabash students were admitted free.

    1. Chris

      Jim, that is right. We made a deal with the Student Council that for an investment in the concert, all students would be given a ticket.

    2. Michael Sebastian

      What night back stage with Jonny winter jamed with my friend will never forget humble pie was outstanding

  2. Mike W

    I was there along with my friends. This was an event they called Ralph’s Mother, locally. They had held at least one other event in another year previously As I recall.
    It was incredible that they got such big names to come to Crawfordsville at that time. Emerson Lake and Palmer were great and so was Johnny Winter. I don’t really remember Humble Pie that much because I wasn’t really into them. But I’m sure they played well too.

  3. Mike Perkins

    Possibly the most amazing concert I ever attended — and I attended my share. I was not a Wabash student but was a Humble Pie fan. Went to enjoy them but was astounded by Keith Emerson’s synthesizer filling up that space with sound I had never heard before. All three acts were well-received but ELP knocked me out. My thanks and admiration to everyone who made this unforgettable night happen.

  4. Mike W

    Was that a Pan-hel event or Ralph’s Mother or ?

  5. Charles Nelson

    It was my first and probably my best concert ever!

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