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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Jordan River Music Festival

Blue Oyster Cult / Aerosmith / Savoy Brown / Chris Hillman / Atlanta RhythmL Section / TD


September 14, 1975
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I.U. 10th Street Stadium



Ticket courtesy of Neil Sharrow

Ticket courtesy of Dan Fife

Blue Oyster Cult photo by Neil Sharrow

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

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    Tenth Street Stadium, they burned wooden planks from the seating for heat. Great tunes

  2. Lee Bishop

    I was 17, going into the service in November, so a van and a Cadillac full of friends from Columbus decided that this was going to be the last big thing we would do together before we all started our adult life. My memories of that day will always be some of my favorites. Well what I can actually remember. I must admit that there was an assortment of drugs (pot, LSD straight from the IU chemistry lab, and qualudes) involved. Now you can understand the lapse in Actually the best concert that I ever attended. Aerosmith was great, they was all was good, but like I said Aerosmith was great.

    1. Kevin McCracken

      I was 16, also from Columbus.

  3. Tom P

    By evening it was starting to rain and get chilly. Safely officers were putting out trash can fires, only to be relit as they walked away.
    Then they announced that Aerosmith would be delayed due to a threat of lightning. “You don’t want to see the band lit up by lightning now. Do ya?”
    LOL! Wrong question cuz we were all in! That would have been the ultimate finale to a great day!!

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