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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Rory Gallagher


January 28, 1976
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Bowman Gymnasium


Campus of DePauw University

Kansas was supposed to headline but for some reason couldn’t make it. Rory Gallagher was supposed to open but ended up being the whole show and played an extended set. Most people didn’t realize at the time that they were seeing one of the all time great blues guitar players. – Rob Perdue

Ticket courtesy of Rob Perdue

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  1. Bean

    ‘Walked in the door at the small gym in Greencastle, IN, winter of ’76. Gloomy and cold in central IN. Nobody seemed to be in a hurry. My buds and I seized the moment, and hurried to the very front of center stage, and staked our claim. Rory, relatively unknown, comes out and starts kicking up-tempo boo-tay right out of the gate. Recall most of the crowd was there for ultra-lame band corporate rock Kansas. They didn’t know any better, until a little later. After the first song, I look around behind me, and a few people are now standing up. (No seats on the gym floor, SRO.) After the third song, maybe 50 people catching on to/appreciating what Rory is about. Four of us were shouting our favorite titles at him, and he didn’t disappoint. Late in the show, I’m screaming for ‘Bullfrog Blues’ ’til I’m hoarse. Rory ends the set, and the boys go off stage. They soon return, Rory with an ice-cold Heineken, which he sets down 6″ from the edge of the stage, where our faces were. My best bud grabs and quaffs the Heiny, and whist delivering a burning rendition of Bullfrog, Rory sticks the head-stock and neck of his Strat right in my face. Ignorantly, I fret a few strings as he’s playing, and he doesn’t back away. By the end of the encore, everyone in the place was jumping up and down in time on the bleachers, and I thought they might collapse. I have to call BS on the story of ‘power outage’ causing Kansas to abort. ‘Truth was Kansas couldn’t possibly have followed Rory’s act, nor satisfy the crowd now wound up tight with Irish blues. ‘Sure wish I could find someone with pix of that night!

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