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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Great White / Trixter


November 28, 1992
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 7,245, Gross Receipts: $135,269.50
Kiss: Guaranteed Fee: $34,000
Great White: Fee NA
Trixter: Fee NA

KISS‘ show on November 28, 1992, was recorded and released as a live album, entitled Alive III.

Ticket courtesy of Doug Bauerle

Photo pass courtesy of Bill Philputt

Ticket autographed by Gene Simmons courtesy of Cory Nowlin

November 28, 1992 – KISS at Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN. Special guests were Great White and Trixter. KISS recorded this show for KISS Alive III. I have heard soundboard bootlegs of the Cleveland and Detroit shows, both of which were also recorded for the album. I haven’t connected too many dots from those to Alive III, which tells me the Indy show was either heavily used or they used soundcheck and/or studio recordings.

After the show I was waiting with my friend for his brother to pick us up. We were standing by the ramp that went from the street up to a backstage door. A red Ford Tempo went up the ramp and a HUGE guy (Andre Augustine) got out. He walked to the backstage door and out came a tall, thin man with long hair, a hat, and a dark trench coat. He got in the passenger seat and the car began backing down the ramp. I was RIGHT THERE when the car stopped to head onto the street and take the stranger away. He side-eyed me, rolled his window down and, holding a pen, asked if I enjoyed the show. It was Gene Simmons.

I can only remember (probably) SLAMMING my hand it front of his face with my ticket stub and exclaiming “this was my 3rd KISS show, but it should have been my 4th, but you had to cancel the Halloween show in Lexington in 1990 because Paul’s ribs were still hurting, but I loved the show tonight and was happy to be a part of KISS Alive IIII and and and and and and and and and…thanks.”

He was super nice for our 20 second encounter and then I moved and let others have their turn. What a night!!!!! — at Market Square Arena – Cory Nowlin

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