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Uriah Heep


January 25, 1977
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Hulman Civic Center


Terre Haute, United States

Promoter: Entam Ltd. (Phil Lashinsky, West Virginia)

Ad courtesy of Brian Coleman

Article courtesy of Brian Coleman

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Kevin Coleman

    Uriah Heep was the opening act.

  2. R. Motz

    This was still the era of festival seating. Get there early, a mob lines up at the door, run down to the floor to get as close to the stage as possible. Two of my friends and one other who will remain nameless……used yellow construction paper and a black sharpie to make home-made tickets. The gang blends in with the huge crowd and waives the counterfeit tickets at the overwhelmed ticket takers and……boom! We’re on the front row. Great memories. By the way, we went to see Uriah Heep. Kiss was ok. Heep kicked butt.

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