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There are currently more than 6,500 Indiana concerts listed in chronological order beginning in 1955. The listing may never include every event, however with your input as we continuously update, we will achieve a comprehensive list of Indiana's major concerts and events .

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James Gang / Pezband


February 22, 1975
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Omni 41


Schererville, Indiana

On this date in 1975, Kiss played with the James Gang and Pezband at the Omni 41 in Schererville, IN (Lake County), or at least they tried to. My dear departed was in attendance that night. Kiss set the place literally on fire and the show was shut down, audience evacuated. I believe Pezband played first and Kiss only played a song or two before their pyrotechnics got ut of hand. Apparently this show and what happened is not well known and my dear Ann was able to document it for Kiss’s archives just a few years ago. Fittingly, this was a date at the end of their Hotter Than Hell tour. Not a surprise that setlist fm doesn’t have a set list from that night. It would be short.

Rick Wilkerson 2/22/2023

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