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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Rush / Status Quo


April 22, 1975
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Indianapolis Convention Center


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 5,000, Gross Receipts: $25,054
Kiss: Guaranteed Fee: $5,000, Percentage Payment: $526.80, Total Payment: $5,526.80
Rush: Fee $2,000
Status Quo: Fee NA

Ticket courtesy of Bill Savage

Pass courtesy of Steve Sybesma

Ad courtesy of Brian Coleman

Ad courtesy of Doug Bauerle

Photo courtesy of The God of Thunder is with Kenny Begley shared by Brian Coleman

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  1. Ricky Bobby

    Got the last 2 tickets to this show. When I found out Special Guests was actually Status Quo we had to go. Had car problems right in front of the Convention Center and had my wife get out of the car and stand in line. I was blocking traffic with a car that would not start when she came running saying “I got the last 2 tickets, I got the last 2 tickets”. I said steer the car while I push. some how right across the street I saw a spot and we got it pushed across lanes and parked. Off we went and with festival seating I had her hold onto my belt loops as I said excuse me 500 times until we were standing stage right as the concert started. I was stationed in Germany and the mighty Quo were my favorite boogie rock band. I had to show them off to my wife. Of course she loved them as well.Rush was good and Kiss with all the make up were also good as the headliners. How ever we would have never gone without my Piledriver band opening up the show. Excited with what we had just pulled off it was tempered by knowing at the end we had to deal with a Plymouth Fury that wouldn’t start. We walked up to the car and I heard my wife say a little prayer and as I turned the key, the Turd came to life and started .We had no issues as we drove home to Anderson happy as humanly possible. Oh to be young without a care again. On a side note my old favorite British band are still together after 53 years and still going ,although with only 1 original member . The cats name is Francis Rossi and he has always been the lead singer and lead guitarist. With over 1 hundred million in sales mostly done everywhere but America they still rock your socks off,

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Great story!

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