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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Led Zeppelin


April 4, 1970
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Indiana Fairgrounds Coliseum


Indianapolis, United States has a very large collection of Led Zeppelin history including for Indiana.

Ticket courtesy of David Crafton

Ticket courtesy of Doug Spencer

IATSE Local #30 stagehand bill courtesy of Andy Jones

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  1. Ken Kaylor

    I bought 2 tickets as soon as they went on sale. Asked the best looking girl at Frankfort High School if they liked Led Zeppelin and waited for the concert day. I did go to “Top Hat” to pick up some nice Bellbottoms and a cool flowing style shirt for the night. We were dead center in Row K with a great view. The Band was red hot and everyone was enjoying themselves. John Bonham’s drum solo that night is still my favorite. When the show ended, I was surprised at how many people left. (Ever hear of an encore?) They took their time to come back out and started playing songs that I’d never heard before. I figured it was Bar songs and such that they had learned over the years…it was really great. They left the stage, and again most of the crowd left. So when they came out for Whole Lotta Love, their must have been around 100 people left. Still the best concert I’ve ever seen. After that every time they came back there was a lottery for the tickets…I never was able to win. P.S. All my friends went to see Three Dog Night in Muncie, I never let them live it down.

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