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Photo by Antoine Julien

There are currently more than 6,500 Indiana concerts listed in chronological order beginning in 1955. The listing may never include every event, however with your input as we continuously update, we will achieve a comprehensive list of Indiana's major concerts and events .

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Riot / Vic Vergeat


November 22, 1981
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions

Courtesy of Steve Sybesma

Nazareth, Riot and Vic Vergeat, Market Square Arena November 22, 1981 (according to Nazareth wasn’t the real reason we attended this show, but rather New York’s Riot. Riot fans know. The classic lineup of Guy Speranza, Mark Reale, Rick Ventura, Kip Lemming and Sandy Slavin. My brother Joe and I attended courtesy of the hookup of one Danny Wayne, working at the great WRTB in Vincennes. I can’t remember if anyone else went with us. By hookup I mean hanging with the Riot boys after their set backstage. I managed to get a few pics back there. Great bunch of guys, and great conversation with Speranza, who would eventually succumb to pancreatic cancer. Their song Swords and Tequila was gaining traction on rock radio and at least one band covered it, ACTOR from the Vincennes area. The album Fire Down Under is a hard rock staple and a must-hear. Vic Vergeat, who opened the show had just released his debut album and was touring in support of it. We enjoyed that album as well as his set. – Bill Howard

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