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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse


October 23, 1986
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 7,619, Gross Receipts: $114,285
Neil Young: Guaranteed Fee: $35,000, Percentage Payment: $3,789.02, Total Payment: $38,789.02

Ticket courtesy of Abbey McArty Box

Courtesy of Rob Branigin

Folks, I remember this night very well!!! I was sitting on the couch after work listening to Q 95 and Jimmy Mad Dog Matis was on the air and he said if you aren’t doing anything tonight you need to get down to Market Square Arena and see the Neil Young and Crazy Horse show there are plenty of seats available!!! I didn’t know Neil was in town, so I got excited and I had a little money in my pocket, so I jumped in my beat-up van that had been cut in half to make it into a pickup truck and headed downtown bought a ticket!!! I was so impressed with that show Neil’s stage was set up like a garage from the 60’s and 70’s , it had stop signs and other road signs on the wall and a giant telephone hanging on the wall and it would ring and Neil would answer it and a loud voice would say you turn down that¬† hippie music and Neil would say come on Mom!!! There were giant mice running around the stage and an exterminator spraying pesticide at the mice!!! Very clever stage show indeed!!! Then of course Neil and Crazy Horse were amazing!!!! They did all my favorites!!! Needle And The Damage Done was bone chilling!!! So, I am sure glad I listened to Jimmy Mad Dog Matis and went to Neil Young and Crazy Horse!!!! – David Cirillo

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