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Photo by Antoine Julien

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April 21, 2010
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Earth House Collective


237 N. East Street

Photo pass courtesy of Jeffrey Smith

OK Go (Of the Blue Colour of the Sky Tour) with Earl Greyhound
Wednesday April 21, 2010
Earth House Collective, 237 N East St., Indianapolis
Promoter: My Old Kentucky Blog Presents
All Ages/Sold Out: 600

Los Angeles-based OK Go (formed in Chicago in 1998) is best known for its innovative and extremely popular viral music videos (they won a Grammy Award for Best Music Video in 2007), but its high-energy, confetti-filled live show was also well received in Indy back in 2010 (but the all-ages crowd may have helped). It was one of the band’s first shows after splitting from EMI/Capital records, forming their own label and assuming ownership of its album, “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” (on April 1) and performing that same day on “Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel.” – Jeffrey Smith

Setlist: Invincible, Needing/Getting, A Million Ways, All Is Not Lost, I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe, White Knuckles, Oh Lately It’s So Quiet, A Good Idea at the Time, Here It Goes Again, What to Do, Last Leaf, Don’t Ask Me, Get Over It, Back From Kathmandu, Debaser (Pixies cover), This Too Shall Pass, WTF?, Skyscrapers, Do What You Want

The Earth House Collective was a group “with a commitment to the arts, wellness, and conscious living” that created an all-ages venue in an old church on East Street. The sanctuary venue held up to 600. Independent promoters brought bands including OK Go, Murder By Death, Ra Ra Riot, Head & the Heart, Gregory Alan Isakov, Wood Brothers and other smaller acts to the venue from April 2010 to August 2012. – Jeffrey Smith

Photo by Jeffrey Smith

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