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Photo by Antoine Julien

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REO Speedwagon



October 22, 1971
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The Scherwood Club


600 E. Joliet

Flyer courtesy of Dirk Wiener

This venue was in Schererville, and for 2-3 years had shows every Sunday Night.  Dex Card’s Wild Goose had other venues, but this was the only one in Indiana.  I assume all the shows happened but I can only vouch for the one that are underlined, The REO Speedwagon show on October 22, 1971. – Dirk Wiener

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  1. Paul Conner

    I was there when they played at the Sherwood Country club when they were just getting
    started, Indianapolis was my hometown and now I live in Billings Montana where they are going to appear in August. So it’s like a full circle of time in my life to be able to see them again. I have always been a fan and remain so.

  2. Karen Matury

    I am from Lowell, In. My friends and I went to the Wild Goose at the Scherwood Club every Sunday night that we were able, almost every week. It was a lot of fun. The music and dancing were wonderful! We enjoyed all of it. We met lots of new people too. I cherish the memories there. I even impress my daughter and grandsons when I brag about all the rock groups I saw there back when.

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