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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Rockin’ Picnic Jam

Roadmaster / Pat Travers / Heirbourne / Point Blank


September 2, 1979
Concert Tags:


American Heritage Park


McCordsville, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions and The Vogue

Ticket courtesy of Mark Grannan

Posteer courtesy of Craig Mitchell

Ad courtesy of Brad Long

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley

Photo by Charles “Chuck” Talley



This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Christopher

    I was at this show and must say it was a brilliant clusterf#*k of unbridled fun. As far as anyone could tell there had to be many minutes of planning that went into throwing this popup shindig. Apparently or intentionally, someone forgot to inform the authorities that thousands of screwed-up kids were coming to have a party, and what a party it was! I know the cops from the nearby towns were not happy. It basically shut down 67, and if there were restroom facilities, I don’t remember them. Everybody just went in the woods, guys and gals. I do remember leaving and seeing multiple cars bouncing like pin balls off of the parked cars along the road. Got to love the 70s. I wonder why there wasn’t a 2nd Annual.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      There were actually 2 more Rockin’ Picnic Jams. All different locations.

      1. Christopher

        If I would have referenced your wonderful web site, I would have known that. Thanks for the info. Cheers

  2. Stephanie mitchell

    I was at one but I thought it was in Mooresville. Can’t remember who all the bands were

  3. Roger Moredock

    It’s takin me 44 years of searching to find this concert that I took my wife and three sister in laws and kid nephew to. I am pictured in this last photo. Tim and Kita told us about this wonderful concert the night before and after finding them on the blanket in the middle of the melting pot of minds, we rested until the helicopter landed with Tom petty, I’m not sure what band he was with but he wasn’t on the ticket but played and sent the crowd to neverland. One road in and one road out. We parked 5 miles back Down the road and hitched a ride in the back of a 72 gmc pickup. I never got the opportunity to thank him so if you see this, thank you! We may have flown back to the car after the concert, I don’t remember that part. I agree that this was the biggest cluster that I’ve ever encountered. But the measurement of talent that played that Saturday was priceless. Road master and pat travers Rocked. And point blank, the way the crowd reacted during their set you’d think they were the headliners. For all that were there. We witnessed the best that Indiana had outdoors. And for $2.95 we entered a gate that we will all remember, no script, no planning, but the show has been stuck in our heads forever! There was a set of portable potty’s there. One of my sister in laws stood in line for so long she finally peed herself.

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