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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Pierle Brothers (4th Annual Halloween Party)


October 23, 1981
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Sherwood Country Club


6500 S. Emerson Avenue
Indianapolis, United States

Ticket courtesy of Rich Guignard

Flyer courtesy of Rich Guignard

Steve “Mac” McNally photo by Rich Guignard

Rick Benick photo by Rich Guignard

Michael Read Photo by Rich Guignard

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  1. Rich Guignard

    One of the greatest nights I had at the Sherwood. First time ever having Roadmaster play at one of our parties. All great guys. And the Pierle Brothers were great as always. They have a big time following on the southside of Indianapolis. Ray Pierle has a half a dozen album’s of original material to his name. The most known one is the “McKay” album. Ricky Rydell my partner in crime came up with the idea of hiring Roadmaster for this show and I was on board right away. I believe they had a cancellation for that night and we got them just a few weeks before the show.
    The costume contest was a blast on this evening….Lol!

  2. Ray Pierle

    Yo Rich, Had a blast playin the Sherwood gigs. This show warming up for Roadmaster was one of the big ones if I remember right. It was a Halloween Party and Don went as Flash Flesh. (What a Hoot). The Sherwood was a great venue for trying out new tunes on the audience and that string of shows definitely helped with the longevity of the Pierle Brothers Band. Still doin those LPs and will complete # 20 soon. I’ll be sending one to Rich “Jugglehead” Guignard. Taker easy Buddy!

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