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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Robert Plant


July 5, 1985
Concert Tags:


Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions

Pass courtesy of Jeff Page

Ad courtesy of Steve Yockey

Poster courtesy of Clint McClain

Photo of Jeff Page, Robert Plant, and Hilda Siedler – courtesy of Jeff Page

Before I got into radio, I managed a record store and back then we used to have cassette cases with glass walls with little holes big enough to put your hand in but not big enough to pull the cassette through.

One day I noticed an elderly lady in the heavy metal section. She caught my eye because she had on sunglasses and leather pants and a leather coat. I thought to myself “I better help out this poor old lady she’s in the wrong section”. So, I went over and asked, “excuse me ma’am do you need the classical section or the Frank Sinatra section”? She pretty much said in a thick English accent… “don’t be a F*cktard!!! I’m looking for the latest Iron Maiden and Judas Priest releases you moron”!!!! I thought to myself wow I like this lady, so I helped her, and she began to talk and talk and talk about how much she loves heavy metal and Led Zeppelin and that her son plays in a local band called Why On Earth.

I told her I know Why on Earth and I enjoy them. She said “oh really well I’m Jason Stonewall s’ mother Hilda Seidler”!!. She explained to me that it’s hard for her to go to the shows at night and she can’t see to drive and if I would drive her, she would buy drinks. So, I thought what the hell and we became friends, and I would drive her red Toyota MR2 to The Vogue to see why on Earth and listen to all her stories how she grew up in West Bromwich England not far from Robert Plant’s house.

Jason always appreciated me bringing her. She lived and breathed and all she could talk about was Led Zeppelin. So, when my friend and Atlantic Records rap Bill Heltemis called me and said he had tickets and to meet Robert plant we both knew I had to take Hilda since she got Bills’ info and wrote him many a letter about Zeppelin and bugged him constantly. When I called and told her the news I’ve never heard an older woman scream that loud and I thought I she was going to go head first into a coffee table!!!. So, when I finally picked her up and took her to the show and to meet Robert it was all I could do to keep her alive from the excitement. When we met Robert, she actually had pictures of his street where he grew up on before he lived there, and he FREAKED OUT!! He had a ton of questions for her, and she gathered all his time. He couldn’t have been nicer and happy with the pictures and the conversation!!!

I didn’t think it would get any crazier until we went to see The Firm in West Lafayette. She always told me after she read “Hammer Of The Gods” that Jimmy Page possessed her and they could communicate with each other through the spirit world. I would always roll my eyes and humor her by saying “that’s good Hilda”. Well, lo and behold when we get to West Lafayette and they had a little reception outside the loading dock, I thought to myself she’s never going to be able to talk to Jimmy Page, but I’ll go anyway and humor her. There was a ton of people back there and when the limousine pulled up Jimmy Page got out… didn’t look anybody in the eye… didn’t look up or down just straight ahead and he walked by the crowd, and he shouted out “Hi Hilda”!!! (that pic is Jimmy walking by).

I thought I was going to pass out. I was like “WAIT???… WHAT???… WHAT JUST HAPPENED???!! JIMMY PAGE JUST YELLED HI Hilda”!!!!??? She was calm as a cucumber and just put her head down after he walked inside and said very

Softly “okay let’s go in and watch the show “… and my eyes are a million miles wide. I’m going… “wait… what… what was that????. How did he know your name?? How did he”…?? She never told me and to this day I still don’t know how he knew her name??? I sensed she wanted to keep that private… I never bugged her about it even though it still perplexes me…

– Jeff Page



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