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Photo by Antoine Julien

There are currently more than 6,500 Indiana concerts listed in chronological order beginning in 1955. The listing may never include every event, however with your input as we continuously update, we will achieve a comprehensive list of Indiana's major concerts and events .

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The Rolling Stones

Counting Crows


August 10, 1994
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RCA Dome


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 22,533, Gross Receipts: NA
Rolling Stones:  Total Payment: $303,977.62
Counting Crows: Fee $40,000

Ticket courtesy of Chuck Weiss

Passes courtesy of Steve Sybesma

Courtesy of Robert Diaz – Indy limo driver for Mick Jagger

The Stones were runners off the stage and in the car before the crowd knew they were gone Mick yanks this off his dressing room on the way to the plane. Mick says Diaz I don’t have any money to give you extra but me and Charlie will sign this. I was so grateful, but the icing on the cake was that the police gave me a ticket for speeding the week before the show, and he said if I can get Micks autograph I won’t show up at court. I told Mick.  He laughed, said Diaz don’t worry, and the Whole Band signed his shirt for me to give the policeman. – Robert Diaz


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