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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Eddie Money / Sad Café


March 10, 1979
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 13,533, Gross Receipts: $104,950
Santana: Guaranteed Fee: $11,250, Percentage Payment: $6,249.67, Total Payment: $17,449.67
Eddie Money: Fee $11,250
Sad Cafe: Fee NA

Ticket courtesy of David Cirillo

Pass courtesy of Dave Yount

Indianapolis Star Ad February 18, 1979

Well Folks , there is quite a bit to say about this A + Santana show !!! It was a festival seating show so my friends and I got 5th row just right of center so we had great seats !!!! We were 5 seats down from the center isle and to start the show a unknown but pretty good band called Sad Cafe they did one song where they were singing crazy sounds and had us laughing pretty hard !!!! But we never heard of them again !! So next was the Money Man himself !!! Eddie Money had a great set he played my favorite song of his Maybe I’m A Fool which he played saxophone and his guitar player was on fire that night !!! This would be the last time I saw Eddie live !!! It was a great and memorable set !!! Then the lights went down again and Santana and his band hit the stage and this was my favorite Santana show !!! It was the same group of guys that played on the Moon Flower album !!! It was pure insanity !!! Santana was wearing a red long sleeve shirt with white pants and black shoes and he was running around the stage the entire night !!! They played all my favorite tunes and they would go off on these long jams that seemed to last forever !!! Let the Children Play is one of my favorite Santana tunes and they blew it out of the water !!! But here is the crazy part Folks !! There have been a few posts about a frequent concert goer called Wild Bill , well Wild Bill was front row as usual and just a couple of seats to my right so I could see everything he was doing so he had already had gotten a guitar pick from Eddie Money’s guitar player and now he was trying to get one from Santana !!! So after a while Santana and his band were in a full tilt instrumental jam when Santana knelt down in front of Wild Bill and as sure as I’m standing here Wild Bill pulled out his two false front teeth and traded them for a Santana guitar pick !!! Santana was playing a awesome solo with Wild Bills front teeth !!!! Can’t make this stuff up !!!!! He got his teeth back !!!!! Wild Bill was sure proud he was jumping up and down and pointing at his teeth !!!! What a show !!!!!!! If I ever meet Carlos I am going to ask him about that !!!!!! That was a great show from start to finish !!! I am glad we went to the show !!!!!! – David Cirillo

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