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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Sha Na Na

Dr. Hook


March 6, 1979
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Market Square Arena


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions

Ticket courtesy of Mark Grannan

Backstage pass: courtesy of Steve Sybesma

Indianapolis Star Ad February 18, 1979

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  1. David Crowe

    I was there!!!It was my first concert. My friend was a ballboy for the Pacers and his family knew all the gate people so we got in for free. I had never been to a concert in a large venue so it was exciting! We weren’t 16, so my buddy’s older bro took us. I had just started smoking weed so we went to the very top back row and smoked a joint wile parents of families for Sha Na Na gave us the stink eye. LOL We moved up close when the concert started and Dr Hook was the freakiest bunch of hippies that I had ever seen! We knew “Stoned and I missed it” and “Cover of the Rolling Stone” and laughed at the “Freakers Ball” or whatever it was called. Awesome! Next was Sha Na Na who I DID know FROM THE POPULAR tv SHOW. We had a good laugh at Bowser and crew and their cheesy rehash of 50s Doo-wop! They were tight, sang well with choreography, plus, it was my first concert with lights and effects, so it was pretty cool! My first rock/metal concert would be months later with Terrible Ted.

  2. Robert Alsup

    I was there. My first concert!!!! Went with my mom and her friend and their kids. Classic.

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