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Photo by Antoine Julien

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The Byrds / The Soul Messengers


February 13, 1970
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Indiana Fairgrounds Coliseum


Indianapolis, United States

Ticket courtesy of John Jane Goodrich


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  1. JohnJane Goodrich

    The Byrds also performed that day. Clarence White was playing his B-Bender Telecaster, now owned by Marty Stuart.

  2. Niki Annes

    Loved the concert. I was 15

  3. Bob Royer

    Great concert!!!!!!
    I was a senior at Garfield High School in Terre Haute, and also a member of The Soul Messengers. We were the warm up band at the concert. I remember skipping school that afternoon with a couple of buddies to go to Indy and watch the stage hands set up the equipment and do sound checks.
    We even got to deliver a couple of cases of beer to Steppenwolf’s and The Byrds dressing rooms before the show.
    Pretty amazing memories.

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