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The Chosen Few / Pure Funk

Atlantis / Awakening / Danger Field / Beggars


January 2, 1972
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Melody Skateland


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Steve Sybesma & Harry Creely
Attendance: Approximately 1,600  Show profit: Approximately $300.00

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  1. Steve Sybesma

    This was my very first concert, a turning point in my life, and the reason I became a concert promoter. At the time, I was living at a pretty cool house at the corner of 38th and Cold Springs Road with 3 other guys. Ron Bennett was a record rep, Lee Masters (Jarl Mohn) was a DJ on WIFE Radio, and Harry Creely was a gregarious guy, but I mostly remember that he was an agent for gogo girls at the time. Harry and I just decided to promote a concert. We tried to book some big national artists for a show at the Fairgrounds Coliseum, but as beginners with no experience, we were not able to book any national artists. So we rented Melody Skateland and booked some of the hot local rock bands of that time. We were the first-ever (I think) to book a concert at Melody Skateland. Dan Kasting, Mike Penrose, and I built the stage ourselves out of 4x4s and plywood. Anyway, the show was a relative success. I believe we sold about 1,600 tickets and made a profit of $300. Harry and I did one more concert together at Melody Skateland two weeks later. From there, Harry and I split, but I got the bug and started producing more concerts on my own, and learned the concert business from the ground up.

    1. Larry H.

      I remember going to a party at the crib on 38th a friend of mine new crazy that’s what he called Creely, those concerts at melody were actually pretty cool for the time, I want to personally thank you for what you did for the Indy music scene,

  2. Paul Peck

    Unbelievable! The beginning of an amazing history…

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