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The Chosen Few



March 25, 1972
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National Guard Armory



March 25, 1972 – The Chosen Few and Climax – National Guard Armory – Bluffton, IN

In-The-Red Productions, the Bluffton, Indiana production company formed by high schoolers Kurt Ullman, Bill Edris, Steve Christman, Joe Zello, and myself, David Miller, decided to promote our third show, following the success of the Atlantis and The Ritual shows in late 1971. Wanting to do bigger and better we booked The Chosen Few as the headliner and Climax as the opening act.

Trying to up our game, we “borrowed” a pontoon deck (from Kurt’s dad’s pontoon factory) to use as a stage to get the bands up off the concrete floor.  We got it put in place and Climax set up and began their set.  One of the band members of Climax was a very overweight guy and he proceeded to jump up and down during the show and by the end of their set, he had bent the stage in half.  The Chosen Few set up in front of the busted stage for their sets and all was well.

We had a hard time explaining to Kurt’s dad how some of his factory’s “work in progress” got bent in half.

In-The-Red Productions attempted one more show, trying to re-book The Ritual in New Castle, Indiana, our first out of town production.  Unbeknown to us, the band had changed personnel and the new lead singer was pregnant and sick, and the show bombed.

The members of In-The-Red Productions all graduated from high school in the spring of 1972 and went on to college the following fall. Ullman, Edris and Miller went down to Indiana University in Bloomington and hoped to do some production down there, but then college got in the way.

Our hats are off to Steve and Sunshine Promotions for living the life we dreamed of.  We appreciate his creation of this website where our small impact on Indiana Rock History can be memorialized.
— David Miller


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