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The Ritual


November 4, 1971
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National Guard Armory



November 4, 1971 – The Ritual – National Guard Armory – Bluffton, IN

In-The-Red Productions, the Bluffton Indiana production company formed by high schoolers Kurt Ullman, Bill Edris, Steve Christman, recent recruit Joe Zello, and myself, David Miller, had a taste of success with our first local concert with the band Atlantis.

We saw the market for live shows and decided we wanted to go bigger.  Kurt got tied into the booking systems and told us we could get the band Sugarloaf at a reasonable fee.  Loaf had charted within the past year with Green Eyed Lady but required a bigger venue than the Armory.  We approached our High School to use the gymnasium which had arena seating and a great stage, but we were turned down. (see attached news clipping)

We regrouped and booked our second show at the Armory.  It was another regional band making the rounds called The Ritual.  It was fronted by a wildman named “Joey” who would spew fire and go out into the crowd with a 3-foot sword and swing it around while they did Uriah Heep covers.

I can remember standing off to the side of the Armory and watching Joey go out into the crowd swinging his sword. I looked about 10 feet in front of him and saw an empty beer bottle lying on its side and had visions of the next day’s headlines detailing the impalement of concert goers…but luckily that didn’t happen.

Even though we raised our cover charge by 50% (to $1.50) it was another successful event (see marketing flyer) and we looked forward to booking more.
— David Miller

Courtesy of Kurt Ullman

From the Bluffton News Banner and the archives of Kurt Ullman

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