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Photo by Antoine Julien

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The Rolling Stones


July 12, 1972
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Indianapolis Convention Center


Indianapolis, United States

Ticket courtesy of Doug Spencer

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  1. DavidMadDogGiles

    I went to this show. The opening act was Stevie Wonder but I did not get there in time for his performance. I had been out visiting my friends Larry and Vivian Davis when Larry was stationed oin the Naval base in Newport , VA. I had been there for about a 5 day stay and decided to drive back because I was excited about going to this concert. Instead of driving back the day before O planned to go to bed early the night before and then get up at 3 am and start driving home . I would get in in rye early afternoon and have time to sleep for 4-5 hours to rest up and then go to the concert in downtown Indy . I got up and got away on time and was traveling along in my VW Beetle and dawn came up as I started on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was a straight shot from the Turnpike to hit I – 70 west in eastern Ohio, then go around Columbus
    , Ohio and on to Indianapolis. However , my car ( that I had never had any major mechical problems with ) completely lost poser son after entering the Pennsylvania turnpike I luckily was near an exit ramp and was able to drift over to the right lane and beget off the interstates safely. I pulled the car over off the interstate and parked it and walked down the ramp to a gas station . The guy was nice enough and fairly soon sent a tow truck to pull my cart into the garage to take a look at it. He came to e shaking his head saying , that I needed a new engine because I had “thrown a rod , “ ok asked him how long that would take and he said “ I will be able to get it done for you by tomorrow ,” it would take the better part of that day to order the parts and the labor would take several hours to complete. I knew I was screwed. I told the mechanic I really need to get home tonite to attend a concert . I considered my options : finding a room there for the night and waiting until the car was done and driving home vs leaving the cat and trying to catch a bus or some other means to get home and then coming back to get the car later on. But there was no good way to make it home tonite through a bus service in this little town in western PA in time to get to the concert So I asked the guy would he be interested In Buying my car “ as is”and trying to hitchhike home in time to get to the concert. I also had to ask the mechanic if he could pack up a lawnmower that I was transporting back to Indy and ship that to me . I was traveling fairly lightly , having only a small duffle bag of personal items to take along . I know he knew he had me and I had little negotiating leverage if I was leaving the area . He seemed fairly honest and genuine until then . He offered me $100 for the car without a functional engine and said he would send the mower along to me . I had called my parents and discussed the dilemma I was in and had called my friends in Indy and told them I was not sure I would be able to get to the concert or not . But wanting to get to this wonderful concert was paramount so I took the man up on his offer and got my duffle bag and went to the entrance ramp up of the interstate and stuck out my thumb. Before long a guy picked me up and took me an out an hour to the place where the Penn Turnpike connected with I- 70 in eastern Ohio. I then got a ride to the east side of Columbus in the middle of Ohio. I had made good time and at this rate I was thinking if I could catch a ride with someone maybe going on across I -70 I could get to Indy on my next ride and I would get home in time to crake a shower and have time to Get some sleep before the concert started. I called my friends at home and was optimistic about how well I was doing . However where I got dropped off had only limited people getting on the bypass going around Columbus to the other side so after waiting down at the entrance ramp I decided I need to walk up to the interstate itself to try to get more visibility knowing that it was illegal to hitchhike on an interstate itself.I had been up there only about 10 minutes when I saw a Ohio state trooper pass me, turn around and come back to talk to me . After showing him an ID he said “you know you cannot hitchhike up here on the interstate . You have to go down and stand on the entrance ramp. . “ I said yes sir , I know that but I need to get home by tonite and I had waited for 45 minutes or so down there and had not been picked that was why I came up on to the interstate. “ Then I told a little lie by saying that I was a doctor at Marion Co,. General Hospital and I was due to work in the ER that evening and my car had broken down on the PA turnpike and this was the only way I could get home on time . I had just completed my intern ship year at the Hospital an d did have nmy medical Hospital ID with me which I showed him. The trooper looked more at me because I had longish hair, was dressed very casually , was unshaven and probably smelled badly as I had been up for many hours by then driving and then spent time trying to figure out what I was going to do with my var. he said gruffly “I guess what you say is true but this is my area that I patrol and you must stay down here o. The entrance ramp if you want to catch a ride .if I catch you back up in the interstate I will have to arrest you and take you in. You got that?!! I “said meekly “ yes” so he leaves me standing at the entrance ramp.I waited another 45 minutes or an hour and Got no rides. At ghis time it was getting to the point that I was not going to get to the concert even if I did catch a direct ride home to Indy so I thought I have to take the risk and went back up to the interstate to see if the greater visibility would get me a ride and hopefully the state trooper did not see me first. As luck would have it I had not been there too long when a guy slowed down and stopped asking me where I was headed to and I said Indianapolis and he said hop in . Was I releved !! I noticed when I got in his car there were 2 other guys in his back seat sitting there with packs and the driver said I picked theses guys up a while back and they are headed to California them he reached up and took out a piece of paper he had clipped on his visor and made a mark and said somethinng like he was trying to pick up some number of hitchikers on his trip .it sounded a bit odd but at least I was again heading toward my destination. I told the group that I had the Stones concert I was trying to get to tonite and they all seemed to understand why I was in a hurry . The 2 hitchhikers indeed we’re headed all the way to CAlifornia as a destination. The drivdr said he was in the service anc was going to Florida . We talked more along the way and he said he could take us as far as around Dayton dhete he would turn south on I 75. But after a while I said I had an offer to him. I said I lived I. A big house that had extra bedrooms and if he would take us all the way y to my home I could put the 3 of them up for the night and they could use the showers and have a nice place to stay for the night and then the driver could head down toward Florida and
    on I – 65 out of Indy the next morning and the other 2 hitchhikers could keep heading toward California on I-70. The 2 guys in the back of course said yes that sounded really good to them . The driver thought about it and said first of all he would do it if I gave him my ticket to the concert. I said “ Oh man , I can’t do that . That’s is the reason I am trying all of this to get there in time to meet my friends at the show. As he was thinking more about it I played up how comfortable and nice our old house was so he eventually said yes. So that is how I arrived at home, got my ticket and got down to the Convention center ….after introducing my “ new friends “ from the road to my other roommates and getting then settled in somewhat. I knew that the show had already begun when I got downtown and went in and started up the aisle to my seats . My hair was apparently sorta standing on end it was so greasy and. MY clothes I had worn since 3 am and had been in the heat and sweat and I am sure I stunk to high heaven. But I had Made it. The friends said that Stevie Wonder was really good as an opening act and the Stones were just starting their act. We stayed on our seats location but then decided to work our way down To the floor in front of the stage to join the people up and dancing to Mick and the boys . I do not recall much of the concert itself other than. My excitement for making it there kept me going through the end of the concert but I crashed really hard when I finally got hometown night. And the others made it on their way the next day . It was quite the adventure

  2. William

    My girlfriend and I were there and had a great time…Stevie Wonder was the opener and when the Stones took the stage everybody in front rose to their feet in the flip-down style seats and like a wave coming in at the ocean all behind stood up, too, and in order to the performance, we stood on the edge of our seats for their entire set, til the very end.
    Great show!

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