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Herman’s Hermits

The Who / Blues Magoos


September 1, 1967
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Indiana Fairgrounds Coliseum


Indianapolis, United States

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  1. Bruce McGrevy

    They opened for the Blues Magoos, and Herman’s Hermits.

  2. Steve Sybesma

    So, Blues Magoos was the headline act?

    1. Mike W

      Sorry Brad, but you are wrong too. The blues Magoos hit was we ain’t seen nothing yet. Over under sideways down was The Yardbirds who were not on this bill.

      Yes, it was actually billed as a Herman’s Hermits concert, at least the one I was at, which was either this one or the one in Fort Wayne. But same tour. The blues Magoos opened, then the who came out and blew everyone away, at least they blew me away, by playing great hard rock and Pete Townsend destroying his guitar by Smashing it against his huge amp at the end of their set. Then Herman’s Hermits came out, and since I was a teeny bopper , just turning 15, I enjoyed them a lot too at that time , and had gone to see them . I didn’t know who the who were , but I immediately went out and bought their albums Happy Jack and The Who Sell Out and became a big fan of The Who.

  3. Brad Smith

    Steve, I went to this show. The Blue Magoos opened. Their hit song was “Over, Under, Upside Down.” The Who followed and smashed their gear at the end of the show.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Was Herman’s Hermits on the show?

      1. John Stahl

        They sure were, Steve. I can’t remember who opened, but Pete and the boys closed. Good show.

  4. Steve Tidler

    I was at that concert (9/1/67) and it was billed as Herman’s Hermits headlining . The Blues Magoo’s opened but only played two songs (Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet and Tobacco Road. The Who was next and, without a doubt , stole the show with their music , their physical onstage performance and sheer energy! Great memory!

  5. Michael Bates

    The Blues Magoos played a song with the lights out on the stage. Their clothing had lights attached from their necks to their shoes. With the stage lights out, the band looked like dancing skeletons.

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