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The Who

The Chosen Few


July 12, 1968
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Indiana Beach Ballroom


Monticello, United States

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  1. Steve Sybesma

    I have taken the liberty of reposting Dave Bennett’s story from his Facebook post Sep 27, 2013 on I Love The Faith Band Facebook Page. Dave was the guitarist for The Chosen Few. They opened this show for The Who.

    Dave Bennett

    So many people have asked me about our “The Who” encounter from the 60’s that I guess it’s time to set the record straight. I Googled The Who’s 60″ tour schedule to try and get the exact date, but nothing seems to be out there. So, I know it was the late 60″s, probably 1968 or 1969, but other than that I can’t pin it down. So, here’s (to the best of my memory) what happened:

    At the time, we were a very popular Indiana band called “The Chosen Few” which was the Faith Band line up with a different bass player. We played once or a couple times a month, during the summer, at a place in Monticello, Indiana called Indiana Beach. We played in the big room called the ballroom there, which probably held around 2 thousand people, and we were able the fill the room on the Saturdays we were there. Because of that, the owner, Jim Spackman, would let us use one of the penthouses for our dressing room, instead of the dressing room in the ballroom, which consisted of a cement block 20 x 20 room, no mirror, folding chairs and the smell of urine from the toilet that wouldn’t flush.
    When we showed up in our red and black school bus (with “The Chosen Few painted on both sides) that Saturday in the late 60’s, we found out we were the opening act for The Who, a new band from England. I don’t know if this was their first American tour, but many people had never heard of them, but for some reason we knew exactly who they were and I knew all about Pete Townsend’s guitar smashing and was a huge fan of the drummer, Keith Moon. Anyhow, after getting settled in in our penthouse, someone told us The Who tour bus had arrived, and they were putting stuff in the ballroom dressing room. We thought it would be a nice gesture to invite them to use our penthouse to get ready while we were on stage, then we would use it while they were playing. Sounds like a good idea, right?

    Well, they brought some guitars and bags up (it was on the third floor) and everything seemed cool. Keith Moon asked me what there was to do that was fun, and I told him there was an arcade and boardwalk, and he said let’s go party. So Moon and I took off with a gallon jug of lemonade, mixed with a fifth of vodka. This was a staple at the time that Carl Storie introduced me to. I know what everyone wants to know is what happened between me and Pete Townsend, but I’m trying to paint a picture of the events leading up to that. Well, Keith Moon and I took off looking for some fun and it turns out he didn’t have any cash, so he asked and I loaned him $20. A lot of money back then. The average factory worker earned around $70 a week. Now, in the early 60’s we were earning between $300 to $400 a week, playing 4 to 5 nights a week in bars and colleges all over the state, so I had the cash, but it was still a lot to loan a stranger. He said he’d pay me after the show…but…he never paid me back.
    Flash forward: We got dressed and went down to the ballrom to play our opening hour or so, and left The Who guys in the penthouse to get ready for their show. We played, they came down, and we hung around to watch them. They were amazing! They were loud as hell. They were exciting. They killed the crowd. Pete smashed guitars. Keith beat the hell out of his drums, then knocked them over and kicked them. They were the original punks! The crowd went crazy. They had never seen anything like this.

    About three quarters of the way into their show, we went back to the penthouse to wind down and change clothes. When we walked in we discovered they had completely trashed the place. They turn everything upside down. They drank, or poured out all of our beer, whiskey and vodka. They erased and recorded over our band recordings on our old Wallensack tape recorder. Carl’s girlfriend comes in and said they dumped a bucket of melted ice (Our beer bucket) on her head when she came up to change clothes to go down and watch Carl play. Which is really weird, because she was really attractive back then. We found out Keith Moon jumped from our balcony to the one below, went in the room and opened the shower curtain on a lady taking a shower. Which we were blamed for. Well, I was furious, so I began taking all their bags and guitar cases and throwing them down the stairs, then I locked the door so they couldn’t get in after the show. I was pissed.

    As I mentioned, the crowd went crazy over them, so when they left the stage to go back to the penthouse, they were chased by screeming fans all the way. They began beating on the door, pleading with us to open up, but were answered with a lot of “fuck you’s” and “go to hell’s. I honestly don’t remember who opened the door and let them in, but I can say with 100% certainy, it wasn’t me. I unloaded on Pete Townsend, telling him what a peice of shit he was. How we were nice to them and they shit on us. He and Keith and John, the bass player all were apoligizing at the same time. Each one trying to out do the other. They all said they thought it was their dressing room. To this day I still think that’s bullshit, but we all made up, shook hands and said our goodbyes.

    So, at the very end of the evening, as we were getting paid, we were told that not only would we never play there again, we were all banned from ever coming there again. As we were leaving and our old school bus rolled past the Indiana Beach neon sign at the entrance, we pulled out our BB guns and shot out every damn light on the sign. Ah, good times, good times.

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