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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Ricky Rydell Review / Carl Story / The Pierle Brothers Band / Rich "Jugglehead" Guignard / Rockin' Rob / Circle City Cloggers / Lynn Tomas Steffen / Randy & the Reamers


February 10, 1990
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Sherwood Country Club


6500 S. Emerson Avenue
Indianapolis, United States

Flyer courtesy of Rich Guignard

Photo by Rich Guignard

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  1. Rich Guignard

    This was our first I would call a variety show. We had the Pierle Brothers with Ricky Rydell and Carl Storie. And a couple acoustic acts including Lynnie Steffen. We also had the Circle City Cloggers…a clogging square dance dance group that put on a hell of a show in about 30 minutes. And then the juggling set with my brother Randy and myself. I believe the last set was just rock n roll and a packed dance floor!
    One fun night…the show never stopped!
    Rich Jugglehead

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