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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Trixter / Firehouse


June 22, 1991
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Deer Creek Music Center


12880 E. 146th Street
Noblesville, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions

After show party at Bentley’s
Photo courtesy of Edwin Earl Rodimel

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  1. Ed Rodimel

    Greetings – I’m new to this group but a long time Indiana musician…
    In 1990 and 91 I played in an Indy band called The Splits – the band started out as Doug Henthorn, Frank Bradford, Kyle Koker, and Bryan Disbro – when Frank left I took his spot and later when Doug left he was replaced by Darren Stroud. That was the line-up on this night in 1991. It was a Saturday night and we were finishing up 3 nights at Bentley’s on the south side. Warrant (who were huge at the time) were playing at Deer Creek. At the end of Warrant’s show lead singer Jani Lane told the crowd “I’m gonna go party at Bentley’s” – needless to say between midnite and 1am we went from a good crowd to people hanging from the rafters. Jani comes in with a body guard – plays pool during our set – and when we take our last break asks if he can get up and sing one with us. For some reason he hollers “Roadhouse Blues” and away we go. He was really working the crowd and demanded everyone stand – and everyone did except for one guy – and that really ticked Jani off for some reason. He kept needling the guy and finally out of exasperation (why I don’t know) unzips his pants and pulls it out for the whole club to see!! Of course the place went nuts (so to speak) and we ended the show on a rousing note.
    After the show, the place is still packed and we’re all milling around, talking to friends and fans and our sound man Tim Smith goes to have a “sit-down” in the employee restroom (which shares a wall with the band dressing room). Outside the restroom door a bartender is showing his new gun to a friend – the gun goes off – and the bullet goes through the restroom door and grazes Tim’s neck (it leaves a visible red welt) – though the opposite wall and enters the band dressing room. There are several people in there. The bullet dings off a water heater – grazes a girl (it leaves white chalk from the drywall on her arm) and goes into a Les Paul in its case – shearing off the bottom horn! Unbelievable! We were all so lucky. If I remember, the bar paid for the Les Paul (it was Darren’s) and they gave Tim a case of beer.
    Anyway, look forward to being in this group.

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