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Jethro Tull



July 5, 1971
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Tyndall Armory


Indianapolis, United States

Promoters: Chris Hilt, Steve Brown, Bob Phillips, and Frank Weiland

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  1. Oran Sands

    Yes was the Opening act for Jethro Tull. Chris Squire’s solo (with stereo Rickenbacher bass and twin Sunn amps) was so incredible that Jethro Tull’s bassist declined to do a solo.

    1. Chris Hilt

      We were the promoters of the concert. We did not know until the last minute that Yes was going to be the opening act. We sold out in advance of the show. I remember that Ian Anderson was so exhausted at the end of their set that we were not able to meet him. I do remember sitting on the floor of the armory long after everyone had left going over the finances with Terry Ellis, the manager of Jethro Tull. He was older than us at that time but he treated us young aspiring promoters with kindness and respect.
      It was still the Wild West of concert promoting and the life experiences we gained were invaluable.
      This was our second concert. Our first was at Wabash College on May 21, 1971. We were still students and our love of music hatched the Johnny Winter, ELP, and Humble Pie Concert.

      1. Evan

        Hi Chris. my small group was the first to be let in the armory that night. We ran to the stage and stopped about 6 feet out. As people were pouring in I coaxed several groups up front to sit down. Which spread across the main floor. I believe it created a relaxed atmosphere for the show (No hecklers or shouting fans between songs). Two questions, Were you able to fit everyone in the venue? and Did Tull’ bring their own lighting? It was great, theatrical and on cue. Thanks for promoting my most enduring concert memory. Evan

  2. Steve Sybesma

    Chris, Thanks for the post and the information. This is the essence of what Indiana Rock History is all about. Assembling, organizing and preserving the history.

  3. Mike

    I was there at the very front, an experience that I will never forget.
    Chris is correct, Ian Anderson was exhausted from his performance.
    After leaving the building I saw Ian in his limousine in the alley at the rear of the Armory. I was surprised there was nobody around. He rolled the window down and shook my hand, and his chest was still heaving! He asked where he could get a soft drink, I pointed out the White Castle and watched as the limo pulled up and the driver got out to get it for him.

  4. Joe Mareane

    Best concert of my entire life. Yes was an unknown band (at least for my crowd). Blew me away. And there were few performers as energetic and talented as Tull. Will never forget it.

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