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  1. Bob McCutcheon

    I was lucky enough to live this dream for 1980-83. Working with Joe, Dave and Steve.
    This was the GREATEST education you could ask for and has given me many memories and experiences that could never have happened without these three people leading the 2ay.

    1. Mike Deckert

      Hi Bob, I enjoyed working with you when I was involved with Union Board Concerts at IU in the early 80’s. I later got the opportunity to work for Dave and Steve at Sunshine from 1983-1984. Many fond memories. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Tim Brouk

    I covered arts and entertainment for the Lafayette Journal & Courier from 2000-2012, and I have a huge list of big shows that came through central Indiana not yet represented on here. Can I get the list to someone or enter them in somehow? Thank you.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Hi Tim, Thanks for reaching out. We would love to include your list of shows. I will reach out to you offline for instructions. Steve

  3. Paul A Bernard

    Nice site. I don’t see any listings for shows at Hinkle Fieldhouse or the Hilton U. Brown Theatre, both on the campus of Butler U.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Hi Paul,
      There are some. Check under Starlight. Also, if you know of any shows not listed, we will add them.

  4. Jon Houghtalen

    Interesting website and lots of fun. However, all the concerts that took place at “Deer Creek” et. al. are all mislabeled as being in Indianapolis. The music center is in Noblesville. Every other venue seem to be listed for the town in which they are located.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Good point Jon. That will be corrected. We often mislabeled it because Deer Creek is part of the Indianapolis market, even if located in Noblesville.

  5. Neil Sharrow

    Hi Steve. I saw plenty of your shows in the ’70s as a so-called “writer” or photographer, at first for the school section of the Bloomington paper and then while at IU campus radio station WQAX. I’ll be delving into the archive to see what you’ve got. Still have plenty of those press credentials and ticket stubs, and some pretty good photos.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Hi Neil,
      I look forward to seeing what you have. I’m sure you’ll have a lot to contribute to the history.

  6. Steve

    You have missed several concerts from the 60’s at Lake Tippecanoe Ballroom aka Tippy Gardens. Bands like the Byrds, the Buckinghams and several other bands app reared there during Gardens hey day

    1. Steve Sybesma

      There are a lot of shows missing. If you can identify shows and dates we would love to add them. Thanks.

  7. Dave Watson

    I worked for Karma Records (1980-1991). During that time I collected many of the 11×17 concert promo graphics. Most are the ones that were screen printed. I also have many tickets from shows from the mid 70’s through the early 90’s. If interested I would be glad to share theses now historical items.

  8. Dave Watson

    I remember life before Ticketmaster. Someone from Sunshine would bring a stack of “hard” tickets to us at Karma Records. We sold them out of a lock box at the stores. That was pretty cool! Then, Ticketmaster came into the market. That turned out to be allot of added work not to mention headaches…
    Still Karma as a chain sold a ton of concert events in the coming years ahead.
    Yes, there are many storied memories that came from that experience…

  9. Mike McDaniel

    I would like to send you some material. Where do I send it?

  10. Mike Hall

    just an FYI the 12/16/83 BOC/Aldo Nova show at the Convention Center also had Dokken on the bill…they opened before Aldo.

  11. denny

    my first concerts were the dave clark five in 1964; and the beach boys/kingsman and various 0ne hit wonders in 1965, both at the colosseum, the beach boy s show was sold out, no floor seating though, it was one big dance floor, you could walk up and put your hands on the stage. I remember mike love saying it was the largest crowd they ever played for, all so it was all teenagers, very few adults.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      I was there. I was a big fan.

  12. Bruce Bailey

    James Brown played Men’s gym at BSU in 1967.
    I think Linda Ronstat played the State Fair in the early 60’s.
    Fantastic website. Reminds me there were a great number of shows that I missed.

  13. Mike Deckert

    Steve, I would be happy to send over to you some of the concert details from Union Board concerts at IU from the early 80’s that we either promoted directly such as Chicago at the IU Auditorium or with other promoters such as Neil Diamond at Assembly Hall with Jerry Weintraub Concerts West. Do you want me to email this info to you directly?

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Mike, It it’s not already in “Concerts” database, please send to Would love to add it to the database. Thanks.

  14. Ricyleeg

    I have kept all my ticket stubs from my first concert (Yes, 1972) till the last one I attended prior to COVID-19 (Durand Jones & The Indications, 2020). I’d be happy to send information on concerts not listed here. I have a database I can email to you if you like. Rick

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Rick, Thanks for your annual membership to Indiana Rock History. It is sincerely appreciated. And yes, it would be awesome if you could send your database of Indiana Concerts since 1972. Please send to

  15. Lee Swinford

    Really enjoying your web site, and seeing a number of concerts I attended in Indy and the Indianapolis area from 1973 to 1983, when I moved to Chicago. I do see several concerts I attended missing compared with those I have been tracking in a spreadsheet for many years now. (My wife put all my ticket stubs in a scrapbook, and I entered them in a spreadsheet. To each his own!)

    Would you be interested in my list of over 120 concerts during that period? I even have PDFs of several concert ads from the Indianapolis star, the majority of the concerts listed.

    Lee Swinford
    Plano TX

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Lee, We would definitely be interested in your list and any tickets or ads that you have that we don’t have already. Please send to Please take good photos, not too many tickets at at time so that we can crop and have quality images. Anything we post in the history will be credited to you. We will post anything that we don’t already have. Thanks so much.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      Andy, the Frank show was added. Thankyou. Steve

  16. Brian Miller

    What a great website! I do have one minor correction/clarification to make. The Sept. 1, 1974 concert at IU was advertised for the 10th St. Stadium, but was moved to Assembly Hall at the last minute due to rain. I was a freshman at IU at the time and thought I remembered it being moved. I looked it up in the ’74-’75 Arbutus and it confirmed my recollection to be true. Keep up the good work!

  17. Edward R. Guanajuato

    Hi Steve,

    I heard a pod cast of the Tape Archive and found this site.
    I am wondering if you are able to include any shows from Merrillville’s Holiday Star Theater. I remember seeing so many artists there including Bob Dylan, Jefferson Starship, Joe Walsh, ELO, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Roy Clark, Dolly, Willie, Merle, Johnny and a shit load of comedians like Richard Pryor, Steve Martin etc.
    Did you ever promote up in Lake County, Indiana.
    I hope to hear back from you!!!


    Eddie in Indy

    1. Steve Sybesma

      There are lots of shows in the history for the Holiday Star Theatre. You can search by venue for Star Theatre and Holiday Star Theatre. We will add more as we get more information.

  18. Kim Gustin Bright

    Thanks for adding shows from Middle Earth – I was trying to find info about the club a while back and was frustrated by how little info was out there.

    PS Hi Bob!

  19. Jim Meyerholtz

    I’m hunting for a ticket from a Zappa concert at the Indianapolis fairgrounds May of 1973 I’ll buy if the price is right. Let me know

  20. Tom

    I’m trying to confirm a Yardbirds date at the National Guard Armory in La Porte. I think the date was August 11th, 1966 based on some comments I’ve seen elsewhere, and the fact that they played Monticello on the 12th and that Beck was in the band. Any info appreciated. Thanks!

  21. Stuart Lee Rosenberg

    PS Check out the University of Nortre Dame site. They have a complete list of their concerts. I believe POCO performed 3 or 4 times.

    1. Steve Sybesma


  22. Thomas English

    Hello, Absolutely love and appreciate this website. It has been very helpful in putting together all my personal concert history. Much thanks to Steve for creating Indiana rock history. Now I have a big request for Steve or anyone else. I need to know who opened up for Kansas at the Indiana grandstand concert on 08-23-1977. The artist was very good but I can’t remember much else. This is one of the last pieces of the puzzle on my concert history. Please help if you have any info. Much appreciated, Thomas

  23. Scott Simons

    I am looking for a poster to buy from my first concert, Grateful Dead 10/27/73, any leads would be appreciated

    1. Steve Sybesma

      This was Dave Lucas’ show. He might have one, but doubt he would part with it.

  24. Rick

    I have a ticket stub from 12-3-76 at the Indiana state fairgrounds coliseum.
    Seen Foghat and the James gang. I believe Joe Walsh had already left the
    James gang by then but I am not positive of that. I do not see that in your
    archives. I have the ticket stub if you need to see a copy of it. I can tell you
    there was nine in my group alone. Back then it seemed like Foghat was here
    alot. They were rolling in the 70’s.

  25. Thomas Jeffery English

    Hello, Can somebody tell me who it was playing guitar while running around the walkway at top of market square arena? Was it AC/DC guitarist Angus Young or was it Ted Nugent? Thanks, Thomas

  26. Thomas Jeffery English

    Hello, I forgot to say this happened at the Nugent, AC/DC, Scorpions show at MSA on 8-1-1979. Thanks for anything you can remember, Thomas

  27. Rick

    I have a ticket stub from July 29th 1992 from the Richard Marx show in the grand stand at the Indiana state fairgrounds. I don’t see that listed in your archives. It was put on by WZPL/FOX59 and I do believe it was just him. I see it’s not posted on setlist fm either. But I was there.

    1. Steve Sybesma

      It’s added now. Thank you.

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