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Photo by Antoine Julien

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Tyrone Davis


April 8, 1998
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Murat Theatre


Indianapolis, United States

Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Attendance: 2,289, Gross Receipts: $68,340
B.B. King: Guaranteed Fee: $30,000
Tyrone Davis: Fee NA

Photo taken at the concert by Larry Goshen

B.B. King receiving the Yank Rachell Award from the Rachell family.

Autographed photo submitted by Amy Anderson

BB King pin was a gift to Amy Anderson

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  1. Amy Anderson

    One of my most memorable moments while working for Sunshine Promotions/ or any jobs since/ was meeting the legendary BBKing after his amazing show at the Murat Theater (late 90s I need to find my ticket stub but was sometime 1996-1998) … His manager said I could come by after the show to get BB to autograph some photos (that were for the Indy Diabetes foundation to use for their future fundraiser).

    When I popped back there, he invited me into BB room, where members of Yank Rachell’s family were hanging out (Yank was legendary blues mandolinist from Indy who had already passed away at times of this show). BB smiled at me and said – “come in and join us, we’re sharing porch stories” !!! I tried not to get too overly excited or seem like a mega fan (as I rarely get star struck)- but I was in music history heaven and HUGE fan. I grew up with his records/ and was obsessed with blues music / had studied History of Black American music/ blues music/ folklore music/ history of rock n roll and much more while at Indiana University and HUGE fan of gospel and blues music / collected numerous books and records and passionate about It’s cultural significance to the fabric of our country … even had been learning blues harmonica playing with my washboard. I just sat there quietly taking in stories of BB talking about all of his friends like Yank and others who he jammed with on porches, at BBQs, hootenannys, small clubs and how much they influenced him and deserved to be on big stages along with him (his way of sharing how much each show meant that he could channel all of them in what he shared through his craft).

    He then announced he stays and meets every fan who stays outside after all of his shows (no matter what time) to meet him…. he was well into his 70s at this point and he stayed until close to midnight, his fans lined up were queued to small table in the back hall of the Murat where BB sat with his BB King pins and everyone got 1 photo w him and a pin or an autograph. He insisted that I keep both 💙

    I rarely got this excited about meeting anyone before, and gracious for these rare opportunities the job you and Dave gave me afforded me to meet some iconic humans (Sunshine Promotions alum from 1994-1999) … I’m not about meeting “stars”- but those like BB who truly never forgot where they came from, who helped them get there, and had the raw talent and genuine gift they wanted to share to help preserve history and make sure it’s passed along for generations to come.

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